We have the opportunity to draw Chico Pere singing and playing flamenco guitar for our last Drawing Music sessions next Monday 24th 7-9pm at Islington Mill. Everybody’s welcome.

Chico Pere is a songwriter, cantaor, bailaor and guitar player at Calaita Flamenco Son.

Chico Pere

Chico grew up in Triana, Seville and is from a family of flamenco singers.  On completing his training in Seville he moved to Barcelona where he worked with numerous bands including falmenco pop band Ojos de Brujo. He arrived to Manchester in 2008 and joined ‘La Cartagenera’, ‘Pepe Leon’ and ‘El Afilaó’ to form Calaita.

Calaita Flamenco Son are a 5-piece flamenco group based in Manchester and display passion and flamenco spirit, singing and playing instruments like spanish guitar, cajón, flute and saxophone. Recent gigs include Royal Exchange Theatre and The Dancehouse.

You can see them all in their next gig in Oldham, at the White Hart Inn, Lydgate OL4 4JJ and enjoy their show eating tapas in the oak room. There are lots of parking outside. Buy tickets in advance at We got tickets


To all the people who comes to draw to our Drawing+ sessions at Islington Mill.

Robert and a follower of our blog has brought to my attention that would be good to mention the names of the artists along their artworks, perhaps name and surname, and write a Copyright symbol.

I often used the pictures of our artwork without doing so but I am happy to do it if people thinks that is a good proposal.

I always though that the photos I take are from sketches (at least mines) and the photos aren’t actually too good to copyright them. Plus I am happy for my sketches to be copyleft or dictated by the Creative Commons (CC) that imply that anyone can use the artwork as long is for non-commencial purposes. But I am happy to write your name and a link to your websites so interested people can contact you directy to buy the actually original work or use the photos for comercial use.

I am due to ceate a section in our blog dedicated to each of you with some of your best drawings and your contact details if you like the idea.

Please, let me know your thoughts. If you want, send me at lifedrawingplus@gmail.com your name, surname and links to your websites, and tell me if you wish your artwork to be copyrighted, copyleft or licensed by the creative commons and I’ll do it next time as a symbolic gesture ;) You choose. You also are more than welcome to decide your drawings not to be posted in our social media. Just let me know.

cr - cl - cc


Our group is producing astonishing drawings. So I am thinking we should do an exhibition at Islington Mill so we have time to admire and reflect on our artwork. What people thinks? If you agree, I’ll have a word with the Mill’s crew.

Some of the artists: Stanley Harland, Àgata Alcañiz, Jayne Pellington, Alison and others.


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Next Monday 17th of November we’ll have Naomi dancing for us Brazilian Carnival Dance at Islington Mill 7-9pm.

Everyone is welcome to the challange and draw movement and carnival music. Previous sessions are proving that our artists are loosing their hands and doing very dynamic drawings and paintings, full of lines moving around.. This is different from previous work and a great achivement.

Naomi is an incredible dancer part of Sambahia Dance and has danced for Manchester Parade among many others. She’ll be wearing a green costume with a headdress that has red feathers with yellow tips. Bring your brightest colours!




Last night gig at Islington Mill by Out of the box ensemble was extraordinary. What icredible tunes. It is not strange that our group draw so well having Becca Spencer (viola and violin) and Alastair MacDonald (acustic guitar) playing life just for us. We were so priviliedged.

Alison Alison3 Kim Mel3 Harry Robert



DRaWING out Of the BOX

Next Monday 10th of November we’ll be drawing Out of the box, a Manchester based ensemble featuring viola (Becca Spencer), and fingerstyle guitar (Alastair Macdonald). Normally they are three but we are happy to have playing at least two of them!

The session will start at 7.45pm at the Club space in Islington Mill and it’s £6.

They draw their influences from contemporary American string styles and share the roles of solos, rhythm section and harmonies. They vary their palette to create some dark, reflective pieces as well as uplifting and rhythmically charged arrangements. Their tunes come from an eclectic mix of genres spanning Appalachian, Eastern European, and Scottish folk (think dark, peaty, rather than jigs and reels), and Jazz.

For a flavour of their music listen to this sound cloud

Out of the box will be playing along Bethia Beadman in Union Chapel in London on the 13th of November to support her début album Chinatown. People can get tickets here

gigGuess what? Look at this picture and guess. One of our regulars is following the ensemble with his easel and drawing them. I guess you know by now who is him. Incredible skilled artist Stanley Harland.

Out of the Box Trio picture Stanwww.outoftheboxcollective.org.uk