*Breaking News*

This last Tuesday in September will be the last Tuesday we do our life drawing sessions at Islington Mill. We’ve moved these to Mondays!

We’ll be now on every Monday 7-9pm at the Mill’s club space so we can be up to 17 people. So forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.

The programme this Autumn and Winter 2014 will be exceptional, with many revivals and new formats.

BLACK SKINS – October – with black models from different ethnic backgrounds.
DRAWING MUSIC – November – with new musicians and dance performers
BLURRED IDENTITIES – December – we’ll have the opportunity to draw those people  whose gender identity is undefined.
QUICKIES & LONG – Sunday 23rd November 11am-4pm – Starting with 1-3 minutes poses and ending with a 3 hours one.

More information on each title to follow.



Summer comes to our life drawing sessions this july!

Today it is sunny so, we’ll be drawing at Islington Mill’s courtyard. Our models will be wearing swimming suits, sun glasses and have beach towels, parasols and inflatable rings. Bring your paints and fill up your drawings with colour!

Bring also beers, wine, fruit juices, snacks or simply food to share. Let’s njoy it!

beach images

Say goodbye to Plastic Bags

Poster_Say goodbye to plastic bags

Say goodbye to plastic bags is an Environmental Performance happening to mark the end of Manchester Bag It Campaign.

A mass of performers are required next Thursday 3rd of July, the International Plastic bag free day, at 3pm at All Saints Park in Oxford Road. It will end at 5pm at Manchester City Council with the delivery of a letter and a bye-law proposal to ban plastic bans in Manchester, along with all the petitions signed by many citizens.

Experience is not needed and it’s voluntary. Children welcome if accompanied by an adult. Lots of performers are necessary for visual effect.

Please, if interested contact@environmentalperformance.info

If you can’t attend but would like to say goodbye to plastic bags, take them to the following locations. These would be collected in the following times:

Islington Mill – Salford – Tuesday 1st July – 9pm
Zion Arts – Hulme – Thursday 3rd July – 9am
MMU – Art School – Benzie Building – Thursday 3rd July 9.15am
The 8th Day - Oxford Rd – Thursday 3rd July 9.30am
Homes for Change – Hulme – Thursday 3rd July 2pm

But above all … sign petition to ban plastic bags in Manchester – here
deadline to sign Monday 30th June
Don’t miss out

Last ArtFunkl

This is the last ArtfFunkl opening studio!

And might be explosive as 3d Drawing M’chester based artist Sumit Sarkar is one of the artists! Will be he projecting his 3d drawings and draw in real-time as he’s known for among many other practices? We’ll see.

You might know about ArtFunkl as many of their artists in residence have visited our sessions and some of us have gone to its opening studios. I specially remember the Turkish artist Anil Saldiran who draw using a silver pen. Incredible detailed drawings!

Thanks Ju Underwood to bring to Manchester such an amazing art project. We wish to see soon what's next in your art path. Keep us near.

Here are all the info about last opening studio with a bit of a party at the end, so bring drinks and snacks!

ASP 11_evite correct email