Stuff Teared Apart – Up-Cycling Workshops Opportunities

You might know that I’ve been developing my art project called ‘Tearing Stuff Apart’ which has been funded by the Arts Council of England.

Well, if you are curious about what is about, come to the first workshop I am running on wednesday 23rd of April at Eccles Library 7-9pm and bring any stuff you need to dispose off. It is part of a series of 6 Up-Cycling art workshops and I think you’ll need to sign up to all of them. Will be fun, so go for it!

Book your place on-line
Or call Allison on 0161 778 0836


Happy New Year 2014! – René Magritte Special

We are starting the new year with a special session. We’ll be filmed by ITV to gather footage to be used for a documentary about the early years of René Magritte. We’ll be doing our session as normal and the film crew will be filming from behind us and perhaps get some close ups of our hands while we are drawing. But they will focus more on the model whom has agreed to be filmed.

This is happening this Tuesday 7th of January, everyone is welcome and we’ll be in the club space, as usual, from 7-9pm. Come earlier to start at 7 on the dot.

To refresh our memory, René Magritte is an incredible Belgian surrealist painter famous for the use of the art technique Trompe-l’œil or deceive the eye. His work challenges observers’ preconditioned perceptions of reality.

Here are some of his paintings. Njoy!

Below, a photograph of René Magritte.


La Trahison des images, 1928-29


La Tentative de l’impossible, 1928


The Lovers, 1928



Hi, jus to say that I’ll be going at Islington Mill this thursday to see this performance around 7pm. It is free, anyone wanna join me?

Screenshot of Performance Publishing Live Webcam. Right: Unit 5 Regent Trading Estate
Closing event: 26th September, 6 – 10pm
Unit 5, Regents Trading Estate, Salford, M5 4DE (adjacent to Islington Mill)
Performance Publishing, Regent Trading Estate forms part of an ongoing work by Maurice Carlin exploring the ground between print, place and performance. Over the course of 3 months this Summer, he has worked in a vacant 8000 sq ft warehouse in Salford, concurrently producing and publishing over 400 analogue CMYK scans from the floor surfaces of the building. Viewable from an elevated platform in the space, and via a live webcam, a vivid, sprawling and scan-like document of both building and performance has emerged.
Taking on the unlikely task of publishing a physical space, the work invokes a dialogue between the digital and physical: “Viewed on or offline, something is always missing from the larger picture. This handmade work that appears digital, and the mimicry of machines by way of ancient printmaking, is a comment on the very nature by which physical and digital worlds are interwoven and interdependent.” 1.
5 writers (Karen Archey, Helen Kaplinksy, Huw Lemmy, Joanne McNeil and Danielle Rago) have been following the development of the work via a live webcam, and will contribute texts to a publication to be launched in New York during October. The publication references the 1950′s ‘Art News’ series, Paints a Picture, where repeat visits to the studio of an artist (Albers, De Kooning, Mitchell, Pollock, etc) resulted in a published text describing the development of a single artwork.
1. Joanne McNeil, The Dust of the Future: Maurice Carlin’s “Performance Publishing” 2013
Maurice Carlin is a Manchester based artist. His work considers the practice of publishing, invoking a dialogue between digital and physical experience. Artworks explore the perception of what information we receive and send, whether derived from a TV screen, via the internet or through a day to day experience on the street.
His work has been featured in publications includingFrieze,The Guardian anda-n. In 2007, he co-foundedIslington Mill Art Academy, a peer-led experiment into alternative modes of art education. Recent shows include First…Next…Then…Finally, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2013), Blanco Blanco, La Escocesa, Barcelona (2012), Self Publisher and Other Works, Banner Repeater, London (2011), How to Stay Awake, MCP, Antwerp (2011) Other Forms of Life (with Bik van der Pol), AND Festival, various locations (2010) and Beyond the Dustheaps, Dickens House Museum, London (2010).
Performance Publishing: Regent Trading Estate is supported by Salford City Council, Arts Council England, Islington Mill and Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces programme.
** Up to date info on special events during the project available from


In the run up to the World Nude Bike Ride, we are inviting our models to ride their bikes to Islington Mill and model with them. They will be mostly people organising this fabulous event here in m’chester. So be prepared to the challenge to draw bikes for a month and also to ask the question:

Manchester Nude Bike Ride is gonna be on Friday 14th of June 6-8pm starting at all saints park with a body painting starter. Join this movement! And bare as you dare!


Tuesday the 4th we’ll be drawing Becca in a semi nude colourful fancy dress with some body painting, so bring bright colours and njoy!

Tuesday 11th we’ll have Sean who just like to be as natural as possible so… great too!

Here some pictures from this event around the world. I hope you join us!  ;)

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Anil Saldiran visits our life drawing group

Last week we were joined by artist Anil Saldiran from Turkey, who is doing an art residency here in m’chester at ArtFUNKL. It was delightful to see his impressive work in progress, which final piece will be exhibited in the opening. Private view is next Saturday 8th of June 4-7pm and we are invited! See below.

Anilimage_3image_2image_4imageimage_1ANIL_AMY eviteJu Underwood


We were so lucky last week of having a professional viola and violinist musician playing from classical repertoire to contemporary folk tunes! How good was this and how lucky we were! 
Becca Spencer, not only teaches at the Chethams School of Music among but also has played in groups like the Hallé Orchestra. She’s a freelance and likes challenges and explore new territories, that’s why she accepted to be the motive our drawings.

She plays currently with contemporary folk band the Unthanks. B E A U T I F U L !! Just listen them here. Their new album is a 10-piece with a kalaedescope of sound that include voices, piano, dulcitone, marimba, double bass, guitar, drums, fiddle, string quartet, trumpet, trombone, autoharp, mandolin and ukelele.

Well, that was the last session of drawing music. We also had young ballerina Christina and congolese rapper Bedos. Here a drawing by one of our artists, Helen (more to follow soon).