D R A W I N G . A . N A K E D . Y O U N G . M A N . I N . H I S . B I K E

We’ll be drawing a naked young man in his bike this Tuesday 5th June at Studio Bee 7.30pm-9.30pm.
W H Y ?
We’ll be celebrating the Manchester World Naked Bike Ride 2018 which is happening in so many cities in the world. The Manchester World Naked Bike Ride 2018 is this Friday 8th June and, as usual, I’ll be there, as it’s definitely my favourite event ever. On Friday we’ll gather at 6pm in All Saints park in Oxford Rd for some body painting and warm up. The rule is bare as you sare! Then the ride will start at 7pm and will go through Manchester city centre until 8 or 8.30pm.

Come on Tuesday at the studio. We’ll be expalining in the break few reasons why about this ride.

A L L . W E L C O M E

Cost £10/£8 including materials, wine & tapas !

Booking is not essesntial. Just turn up and pay on arrival.

If I don’t see you on Tuesday, I see you on Friday 😉



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D R A W I N G . & . P A I N T I N G . T H E . M A L E . F I G U R E

fb-drawing male figure

Everybody is welcome to join us this Sunday to study the male figure in a relaxed atmosphere wheras drawing of painting our model Seán.

Materials + English afternoon tea served at 12pm provided (with vegan option too!).

Cost £15 – all included

Please, pay in advance via Paypal by Saturday as it’s then when we buy all the ingredients:

Any inquiries, do not hesitate in contacting me via social media or our email lifedrawing.plus@gmail.com

See you there

Sunday 3rd June
Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday Alleyway
M1 1BE



A L M O S T . F O R G O T !

Don’t worry, it’s not about the GDPR thing. It’s just to say that next Sunday 3rd of June we’re having our monthly life painting and drawing session 11am-2pm at Studio Bee: a spacious, luminous and relaxed atmosphere to draw or paint the naked human figure. The model will be our handsome Seán.

We’ll be serving proper English afternoon tea at 12pm, with sandwiches, tea, scones and cream with vegan option. That’s right, proper vegan whipped cream and scones. If you prefer, just bring your own lunch. That’s absolutely fine!

Bring your own materials though there will be some basics like paper and charcoals.

Cost £15 – all included
which we ask to pay in advance to book the studio and so we know how many would like lunch.

Please, pay via PayPal or next Tuesday session in cash.


Thank you!

Looking forward to bring my brushes and paints this time!



here a photo of Seán – who’s just graduated as an actor, a profession he’s done for many years!


D R A W I N G . A N O T H E R . C O N C E R T – a bassoon player

There we go again!

Be ready to listen the sounds of a bassoon, played by Linton Wesley Stephens, and capture the music.

Linton studied at the Northern Royal College of Music and he’s offered to play and pose for us. He’ll come with two costumes, one for the first part of the session and other for the last part after the break.

This live concert and drawing session is for the same price £10/£8 including materials, wine and tapas.

B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E

Tuesday 15th of May
at Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday Alleyway
M1 1BE


Linton is the player in the middle of this photograph.

Below some work made at the last session in which we draw fingerstyle guitarrist Alastair MacDonnald who was superb!


D R A W I N G . A . L I V E . C O N C E R T

We are so priveledge to have tonight a fingerstyle guitarrist playing for us live at Life Drawing+ in Studio Bee. His name is Alastair Macdonald and he’ll be playing in a suit for the first part and with jeans and shirt in the second half, standing up or sitting down.

B E G I N E R S . W E L C O M E

Materials, wine & tapas included and all for the same price…£10/£8

This is unique and would be so special.

Alastair has played music of one kind or another for as long as he can remember but it was after attending a workshop with fingerstyle guitar legends Andy McKee and Don Ross that things started getting serious (read: obsessive). After learning various fingerstyle techniques and grooves from Don, Andy and later Thomas Leeb, Jon Gomm, Mike Dawes, Petteri Sariola and Clive Carroll, Al has been seen performing around Manchester as part of the ‘Out of the box’ trio and as a solo performer


7.30pm – 9.30pm

Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday Alleyway
M1 1BE

D R A W I N G . M U S I C

This month of May we are running at Life Drawing+ our special sessions DRAWING MUSIC as an incredible exercise for drawing movement from dancers and musicians live performances as well as drawing still poses.

Here the programme!

C O N T E M P O R A R Y . D A N C E – tuesday 1st May – next week! with Betts Corrigan
F I N G E R S T Y L E . G U I T A R – tuesday 8th May
with Alastair Macdonald
B E L L Y . D A N C E – tuesday 22nd May
with @bellydancemaya
C L A R I N E T – – tuesday 29th May
with Sergio Castelló López – Principal Clarinet of the Hallé Orchestra – TBC

Beginners welcome – material provided – as well as wine & tapas in the break £10/£8 all included

Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday Alleyway
M1 1BE
Looking forward to this!



Life Drawing+ Spanish Paella & wine

This time of the year!

Life Drawing+ Spanish paella & wine
Sunday 6th of May
at Studio Bee
includes basic materials, seafood or vegan paella, mediterranean salad, catalan bread, tea, coffee and biscuits.

The day and the poses aim to be as follows:

  • 11am – 2 x 1 min poses
  • 11.05am – 1 x 5 min pose
  • 11.10am – 1 x 10 min pose
  • 11.20pm- 1 x 30 min
  • 11.50pm – TEA BREAK
  • 12pm – 1 x 1 hour
  • 1pm – LUNCH
  • 2PM –  2h pose (with a 10 min tea break at 3pm
  • 4pm – end

Booking in advance is essential as we need to book the studio, the model and buy all the ingredients. You are very welcome to bring your own lunch. In that case the cost  is £25, same price for students and concessions, for whom lunch is included too.

Please, pay via:

  • PayPal below (pay as a friend so pay pal don’t charge comission)
  • Life Drawing+ account 60419346 sort code 20-11-39,
  • or in cash in our Tuesday sessions

Full cost £30


Students and concessions £25 (includes lunch)

Lunch not included £25

Looking forward to it as always !

Àgata and Richard (the master chef)