Happy Drawing 2020!

If I haven’t seen you yet, happy new year 2020. I mean … in 2019 incredible things happened in Studio Bee. We got performing a flamenco dancer, a cople of Mayan men and the best performance so far by transgeder Joy Hateley. Some people tells me that it would be difficult to beat some of these event but I don’t think so 😉 hahhaha! I don’t need a granma as they say hahhahah!

I do not want to say much, as I like going with the flow … but ideas … quite a few !

Last Sunday of last year we run a session I had being meaning to run for a long time and it was a success. The session was run in complete darkness in ATMA, the club below Studio Bee, with just a spot light on the model. People had to come with head torches, bike lights or the like to illuminate their paper or canvases, a bit like recreating old master painters such as Rembrandt, which dark self-portraits he’s famous for. Well, people has asked me to repeat this experience and this will happen on the last Sunday of January.

If interested, bring your favourite paints, inks, charcoals and don’t forget, obviously, a little light. Basic materials and light refreshments wll be provided too. If interested, please, book in advance via the PayPal’s link below. It is just £16 if you pay before Thursday 23rd of January and, afterwards, £18 paid on the door.

I’ll be running long poses sessions every last Sunday of the month as well as Tuesdays for short poses, so if I do not see in this occassion I see you sometime.

Wishing you all the best and a happy drawing 2020


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