D A R K . M A T T E R S . III . D R A W I N G . R I T U A L . M A Y A

This will be the 3rd of our Dark Matters life drawing series. It would never was gonna to happen if I had not seen a couple of Mayans walking in the streets of Manchester last week. They are from Chiapas and though they speak Spanish their main language is K’iche. This is the Bat language, they told me, one among the different 30 Mayan languages in the American continent. It is a language that is based on a culture around darkness, a culture that like the bats, can see in the dark. It explores the underworld in order to understand the superworld. As they say, we are only in this world for tiny fraction of time …

@Ritual Maya are a collective of musicians, singers and dancers that take their own culture to create performances. We are collaborating together to bring a session where performance will creat space for people to draw their incredible indian American bodies with their so characteristic face and hair features and tattoos, jewellery, masks, their ancient instruments and ropes.

B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E
Come alone, with friends or family.
Materials and light refreshments provided.
T U E S D A Y . 3rd . D E C
Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday St
Top floor above the Peer Hat bar, entrance by the alleyway
£12/£10 – all included and paid on arrival

See you there
Àgata Alcañiz
blog: https://lifedrawingplus.wordpress.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifedrawingplus/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/life_drawing_plus/
twitter: https://twitter.com/lifedrawingpl

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