W H A T . A . S E S S I O N !!!

Here some sketches of Chrissy by one of our regulars Alison Scott. Thanks Chrissy for sharing with us your incredible humanity and, in some moments, such intimacy, and Alison to capture it. Brilliant work!


Blurred Identities: Chrissy

I know that I said we had this week ‘DRAWING PERFORMANCE >A TRANSGENDER STORY< with performance artist Joey Hateley, but I got it wrong. This Tuesday we have Chrissy who’s gender also breaks with traditional boundaries.

She’ll be posing nude for the first part of the session and after the break she’ll be wearing some of her favourite clothes. Come and meet her and draw her in her different guisses.


Photo by Trans Photographer Sally Payne

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D R A W I N G. B L U R R E D . I D E N T I T I E S

We celebrate December with a special. We have invited models which gender is blurred. We think we know but we might be wrong.
Come next Tuesday 6th of December and meet Chrissy. Come the following Tuesday 13th and experience and draw a performance about transgeneder stories by performance artist Joey Hateley, aka Gender Joker, and the artistic director of TransAction.

Same price £8 or £6 for students and concessions. Materials provided as well a mulled wine and mince pies.


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We have a rare opportunity to experience and draw the performance > A Transgender Story < , devised by performance artist Joey Hateley in a moving account of stories across the artist’s life. Colourful props, intense images, and gender subversive figures between 5-20 minutes length are provided for us to illustrate.

This will be our last session before the Xmas break on Tuesday 13th of December at Studio Bee. As usual 7.30pm-9.30pm, materials, wine and light refreshments provided, same cost £8/£6 (students and concessions)


The Gender Joker, aka Joey Hateley is the Artistic Director of TransAction Theatre who creates innovative cross-cultural performance from the periphery on issues of identity, diversity and empowerment. Joey Hateley is a female man who’s work ‘Q’uestion’s LGBTQI boxes, calling for a world beyond gender binaries, transcending boxes and borders of difference through politics of allegiance.

As a writer, performer, educator and art-activist who creates interdisciplinary experimental work, Joey has collaborated with diverse organisations, such as Casa Trans in Ecuador, trans sex workers in Thailand; drama workshops with young people in India, Namibia, Peru and South Africa, devising a show with Peggy Shaw at the Drill Hall London, ‘Drag King Richard the 3rd’ Bristol Shakespeare festival, ‘Transcripts’ Verbatim play and touring self-devised show’s across the UK, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Canada and USA arts festivals.



Quick and long poses – November

This November we are coming back to the traditional life drawing setting but with some news. We’ll have:

Quick poses 5-20min poses on Tuesday 15th and 22nd – good for making nice sketches.

Long poses 5- 40min poses on the last Tuesday 29th of November  – to make more detailed art work. Bring your watercolours and acrylics or even magazines to do collages. For those who like quick poses, there is plenty space in the studio to go an sit down somewhere else and have a new view, decide to draw first the figure and the model portrait afterwards… the feet or the torso… the possibilities are endless.

Basic materials provided – also wine and light refreshments – price £8/£6 concessions


Sketch of our session by Len Grant one of our regulars




W H A T . A . S E S S I O N . O N . T U E S D A Y . N I G H T !!!

The drawing music series brought us ballarina Georgina Cartwright. She danced and posed dance for us at Studio Bee with ballet and other contemporary music.

Here some attempts to drawing the movement of the dancer and static poses by the attendants of our sessions

Thank you to KNT DanceWorks Manchester for your support



This Tuesday we are lucky to have a young professional ballarina at Studio Bee for us to draw. She’ll be wearing her tutu for the first half and a leotard and skirt after the break.

This will be this session’s structure:

FIRST HALF : 45min

  • 2min – freelance ballet dancing
  • 5min – a dance routine of 8 figures
  • 5 minutes – a dance routine of 5 figures
  • 10 minutes – a dance routine of 3 figures
  • 15 minutes – static pose

BREAK : 30min

  • We’ll have our usual break with wine and light refreshments



  • 2min – freelance ballet dancing
  • 5min – a dance routine of 8 figures
  • 5 minutes – a dance routine of 5 figures
  • 10 minutes – a dance routine of 3 figures
  • 15 minutes – static pose


The ballarina is Georgina Cartwright. She’s done ballet sice she was 3 years old. At 16 went to a full time ballet school in Scotland for three years and after graduating moved on to train alongside the Northern Ballet company in Leeds. She’s performed in two swan lakes, two Giselles and three nutcrackers so she feels very lucky! And we should feel lucky that she’s coming to our drawing session too!

Thanks to KNT Dance Works for all your support.



Price £8/£6 concessions (materials, wine and refresments included)

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See you there!

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