L I F E . D R A W I N G . M C R . N Q

L I F E . D R A W I N G . M A N C H E S T E R
E V E R Y . T U E S D A Y . 7 – 9 PM . S U D I O . B E E . N Q

Our life drawing group has people using charcoal, pastels, oils, collage… even digital drawing tablets!

Everybody is welcome to join!

Studio Bee is an spacious and airy studio above KRAAK Gallery, at the 3rd floor of the red brick mill in Stevenson Place little alley, M1 1B. Cost of session £8/7.



Hope you all had a fantastic winter break. Mine was not good but superb! I’m not only happy but full of energy! It was lovely to spend time with family and friends I haven’t seen for such a long time!

This post is nonetheless to say ‘Happy Drawing!’ We are starting next Tuesday 19th at Studio Bee in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Please, come with anything you wish to drink or eat. Those you could not swallow over christmas anymore. I must say that I put on 2Kg…

I had a request of having a long pose, so though we’ll start the first 45 minutes with our 5-20 minutes poses, we’ll do an hour pose from 8-9pm. New people is comig but, please, if you know of people who like drawing , painting, making collages, or work with clay, or just need socialising or dicover something new, invite them to come to our sessions.

See you next Tuesday 19th before 7pm at Studio Bee, Stevenson Place alley, at the 3rd floor of the old red brick mill. Beautiful studio though!


We are closed until the New Year

We’re closed for the winter’s holiday break. Have a good one whatever you do! We’ll be on again on Tuesday 19th of January 2016 at our beautiful Studio Bee 7-9pm as usual.

Someone asked what are the traditional catalan christmas sweets. I’ll try to bring some if I can see that these can survive the train from barcelona to manchester.

Here some pics

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Getting Old but Beautiful too

We all get old, but we all look beautiful in our own personal way. I love my grand ma. If she didn’t look old I might not love her as much as I do.

For three weeks, some of our eldest models will pose for us, and we’ll have the chance to see what happens to our bodies when we get older. Our bones, our postures, our wrinkles… all accentuating our character and history.

Hope you come and enjoy.

Please, notice, this year our last session befor xmas will be the 8th of December as this year I am going to celebrate my dad’s 70th b’thday!

post collage



This month we start a series of political voices in which we’ll have the opportunity to draw people’s political personal stories, and activism thoughts.

This week and the following week, 10th and 17th of November we have

  • Syrian voices told by Emad Alemdary
  • Black Power by Naomi M


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