Happy Drawing 2020!

If I haven’t seen you yet, happy new year 2020. I mean … in 2019 incredible things happened in Studio Bee. We got performing a flamenco dancer, a cople of Mayan men and the best performance so far by transgeder Joy Hateley. Some people tells me that it would be difficult to beat some of these event but I don’t think so 😉 hahhaha! I don’t need a granma as they say hahhahah!

I do not want to say much, as I like going with the flow … but ideas … quite a few !

Last Sunday of last year we run a session I had being meaning to run for a long time and it was a success. The session was run in complete darkness in ATMA, the club below Studio Bee, with just a spot light on the model. People had to come with head torches, bike lights or the like to illuminate their paper or canvases, a bit like recreating old master painters such as Rembrandt, which dark self-portraits he’s famous for. Well, people has asked me to repeat this experience and this will happen on the last Sunday of January.

If interested, bring your favourite paints, inks, charcoals and don’t forget, obviously, a little light. Basic materials and light refreshments wll be provided too. If interested, please, book in advance via the PayPal’s link below. It is just £16 if you pay before Thursday 23rd of January and, afterwards, £18 paid on the door.

I’ll be running long poses sessions every last Sunday of the month as well as Tuesdays for short poses, so if I do not see in this occassion I see you sometime.

Wishing you all the best and a happy drawing 2020


B L U R R E D . I D E N T I T I E S

This December we’ll be exploring those bodies which gender is undefined. Because these people are also people and should have the same rights than straight people have; because these people deserve the same respect than everybody else; Life Drawing+ has invited them to be themselves and tell their stories in Studio Bee.

B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E

Everyone is welcome to enjoy these life drawing sessions with a warm mulled wine in our hands. Materials are provided as well as the light refreshments. Cost £12 or £10 students and concessions all icluded

T U E S D A Y . 1 0 t h . D E C
model : Mona
Mona style is rooted in teenage angst, though her roots have been snatch from the earth, bleaches, pruned, and transplaneted so many times, it doen’t matter who she used to be.

T U E S D A Y . 1 7 t h . D E C
performer : Joey Hateley or Gender Jocker
artistic director of TransAction, Joey is a trans-feminist experimental theatre practitioner, who creates cross-cultural performance work focused on identity, diversity, inclusion and empowerment.

7.15pm – 9.45pm
Studio Bee
14-16 Farday Street
NM Manchester
M1 1BE

The studio is a bit tricky to find if your first time. It’s at the top floor above The Peer Hat bar.

D A R K . M A T T E R S . III . D R A W I N G . R I T U A L . M A Y A

This will be the 3rd of our Dark Matters life drawing series. It would never was gonna to happen if I had not seen a couple of Mayans walking in the streets of Manchester last week. They are from Chiapas and though they speak Spanish their main language is K’iche. This is the Bat language, they told me, one among the different 30 Mayan languages in the American continent. It is a language that is based on a culture around darkness, a culture that like the bats, can see in the dark. It explores the underworld in order to understand the superworld. As they say, we are only in this world for tiny fraction of time …

@Ritual Maya are a collective of musicians, singers and dancers that take their own culture to create performances. We are collaborating together to bring a session where performance will creat space for people to draw their incredible indian American bodies with their so characteristic face and hair features and tattoos, jewellery, masks, their ancient instruments and ropes.

B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E
Come alone, with friends or family.
Materials and light refreshments provided.
T U E S D A Y . 3rd . D E C
Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday St
Top floor above the Peer Hat bar, entrance by the alleyway
£12/£10 – all included and paid on arrival

See you there
Àgata Alcañiz
blog: https://lifedrawingplus.wordpress.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifedrawingplus/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/life_drawing_plus/
twitter: https://twitter.com/lifedrawingpl

DARK MATTERS : Life Drawing Sunday 24th November

For our last Sunday’s life drawing of the year we’ll be drawing in a black studio with just a spot light on the model… I advise that you bring a dark coloured paper and white and other light colours. It will be like drawing or painting the negative of a photograph. Below some examples just for some inspiration.

Rembrandt self-portrait

Poses will range from 5, 15, 45min and 1.5h. Feel free to bring your own easles and materials. We’ll have our usual white paper and pencils.

Please, if interested, book your space via this PayPal’s link. It’s £16 if paid in advanced or £18 on the door  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SDBGU842GCTF4

Hope you can make it and see you on
Sunday 24th 11am – 2pm
ATMA Studio
14-16 Faraday St
M1 1BE
Below Studio Bee


B O O M !

What’s coming this November.

T U E S D A Y . 1 2 > S E M I – N U D E
Spencer Morton is a professional fashion maverick and she’s decided to model for us a variety of poses in semi-nude style. She’s a fashion promoter, illustrator, model and much more. Here a few photos of her but more in her Instagram @gspencermorton

S U N D A Y . 2 4 > C L A S S I C A L . M A L E . F I G U R E
I’m looking for a model who can portrait some poses from the classic art world. Few candidates in mind, but I’ll announce when confirmed.

T U E S D A Y . 2 6 > M I X E D . R A C E . C O U P L E
… and what a couple. It’s not very often, and I certainly have not come across one before, that you find a mixed raced couple posing in a life drawing class. They are young, and fearless when it come to breaking with any boundary that defines a sexual partnership. If any, they like the term of Pansexuality which states “ I love you because of your personality and what’s on the inside. I do not care about your sex, gender, or physical appearance ”

Hope you can make any of these special sessions



This Halloween our life drawing session will be very special. We’ll be drawing Ginger La Rouge, a professional stage performer, whom for the first half, will be posing in a gigantic glass full of champagne and in the second half she’ll be posing with the dead… In the break we’ll be eating food and drinks typical in the night of the dead in Mexico, Catalonia and Spain. So put this in your diaries now!

B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E

Come alone, with friends or family. Materials are provided as well as light refreshments.

Cost £12 or £10 for students, concessions or anyone dressed up for the occasion – all included in the price and paid on arrival.

M O R E . T O . S A Y

On Sunday 27th we’ll be running a session of short and very long poses from 11am – 2pm. The poses will start with 2 x 5min ones, then 15, 45min and we’ll finish with a 1.5h pose. These are for people who might like hyper-realism and capture the lighting on the figure, or experiment with colour, mix media or large format. The model will be Becca, who has a unique body that artists love to portray.

The session is £16 – all included.

This time, booking in advance is essential. If you are coming, please, pay via PayPal using this link or in our Tuesday’s sessions


Thank you

S O . Y O U . K N O W …

Next Tuesday 22nd October, our model will be Simon, who has a shaved head. This is a great opportunity for understanding and drawing the structure of the human head.

G R E A T !

Now you know everything that is happening. Don’t tell me afterwards that you didn’t know!

Yours, always


This Sunday > life drawing at Studio Bee

A remineder that, this time, our Sunday’s life drawing for enjoying of long poses won’t be the last Sunday of the month but this 15th of September. The model is Mr. B, drawings of him you can see below.

The price for this session has gone slighly up, £16 if booked in advanced or £18 in the door.

You can book in advance via this Pay Pal link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SDBGU842GCTF4

On the door I’ll have a card reader but also change for people who prefers paying in cash.

Some basic materials will be provided, such paper and pencils, but people is welcome to bring their favourites. We’ll have tea and bisicuits as well.

Hope you can make it


Drawings below by Riff, Henry Martin, Andrew Acton, Riff again and Chi.