Getting Old but Beautiful too

We all get old, but we all look beautiful in our own personal way. I love my grand ma. If she didn’t look old I might not love her as much as I do.

For three weeks, some of our eldest models will pose for us, and we’ll have the chance to see what happens to our bodies when we get older. Our bones, our postures, our wrinkles… all accentuating our character and history.

Hope you come and enjoy.

Please, notice, this year our last session befor xmas will be the 8th of December as this year I am going to celebrate my dad’s 70th b’thday!

post collage



This month we start a series of political voices in which we’ll have the opportunity to draw people’s political personal stories, and activism thoughts.

This week and the following week, 10th and 17th of November we have

  • Syrian voices told by Emad Alemdary
  • Black Power by Naomi M


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Next Tuesday 3rd of November, running in parallel with Manchester Science Festival, we have a rare opportunity to draw different dead species. For this occasion Manchester Metropolitan University is providing with:

  • a human skeleton from the School of Healthcare Science
  • different animals skeletons from the Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • and other skulls & resin-embedded animals from the School of Science & the Environment

Come if you dare and draw dead good drawings.

Same place – same price

Tuesday 3rd of Novemeber – 7-9pm Studio Bee – Stevenson Place alleyway – Northern Quarter Manchester – M1 1B – £8


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This October our youngest models will be posing for us.


Everyone is welcome, so bring anyone who might be interested yoo. We are every Tuesday 7-9pm at Studio Bee, in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, at the 3rd floor in the red’s brick mill at the corner of the narror allayway Stevenson Place M1 1BE.
Price £8/£7concessions


Studio Bee has a capacity to accommodate 25 people for our life drawing and we’d like to fill it up to make the sessions vibrant, unique and worthwhile. At the moment we have a core of people of 9 who not always can make it. It could happen that sometimes less than 9 people turns up and covering the cost of Studio Bee and the model is not possible. So please, spread the word to people you think might be interested.

Everytime you bring a new friend you’ll get your 6th session free.

Bring a friend

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