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  1. Hello,

    Last year i took part in the naked tea party life-drawing session that took place at Islington Mill. I really enjoyed the experience and was wondering if you had any need for another model in the future? I am 34 and male and would love to get a little more experience in modelling.

  2. Is there any chance that some of the drawings could be photographed on the night to give us all a feel for the work that is being done. There would not be sufficient details to cause identity problems. Ta. Tony

  3. Hi, I am interested in attending to draw on Tuesday and wondered if you needed to book in advance or can you pay on the day?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Steven,

      not sure if you aware of our change of planes.

      our model Ginger La Rouge is being confused and can’t come tomorrow 15th of March, but she will definetly come next Tuesday 22nd and pose with her fish head then as planned. She says really sorry for any inconvinience.

      So this Tuesday 15th we have DRAWING FASHION with a female model from manchester. She’ll dress a bright colours’ summer dress for the first 45min then Manchester style for the second hour, after our break with wine and snacks. Special music to respond model’s styles. Some materials are provided: paper and pencils but feel free to bring your own favourites.

      Sorry for last minute change and the inconvinience that might cause you. You are welcome to change your plans but hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow or next week. _àgata

    • Hi Alice,

      thanks for contacting about our life drawing sessions. I varyies the number of people that comes, from 10 to 30 people. Normally around 20, though the studio has capacity for 50 attendees. It’s a very nice photographic studio that we hire to run our class. We put 40 chairs so people can move around if they finish their drawing earlier and they want a new position. That might suit you as I imagine you draw quick!

      Come down and try. It will benefit you as there are other artists in the room with very different styles. We have a recently graduate illustration student in Salford University who came non stop for two years. He got a firt. His name Ian Morris

      Looking forward to meeting you

      My name is Àgata and I am the organiser. Introduce yourself when you come

      Looking forward to meeting you


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