B L U R R E D . I D E N T I T I E S

This December we’ll be exploring those bodies which gender is undefined. Because these people are also people and should have the same rights than straight people have; because these people deserve the same respect than everybody else; Life Drawing+ has invited them to be themselves and tell their stories in Studio Bee.

B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E

Everyone is welcome to enjoy these life drawing sessions with a warm mulled wine in our hands. Materials are provided as well as the light refreshments. Cost £12 or £10 students and concessions all icluded

T U E S D A Y . 1 0 t h . D E C
model : Mona
Mona style is rooted in teenage angst, though her roots have been snatch from the earth, bleaches, pruned, and transplaneted so many times, it doen’t matter who she used to be.

T U E S D A Y . 1 7 t h . D E C
performer : Joey Hateley or Gender Jocker
artistic director of TransAction, Joey is a trans-feminist experimental theatre practitioner, who creates cross-cultural performance work focused on identity, diversity, inclusion and empowerment.

7.15pm – 9.45pm
Studio Bee
14-16 Farday Street
NM Manchester
M1 1BE

The studio is a bit tricky to find if your first time. It’s at the top floor above The Peer Hat bar.

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