Sunday’s Life Drawing Long Poses

Hi everyone

just a heads up!  On Sunday 28th April we’ll be offering a day of long poses for those who want to spend more time studying the lights and shadows and the colour in the human figure or just exploring different styles on how to represent it.

Model tbc but please, feel free in letting me know if you have any preferences.

Let me know, as well, if you intend to come or just book now in advance via Pay Pal:

We’ll have a break in May but come back in June, so hope you can make it this April.

Sunday 28th April
Studio Bee

Poses will be 1 x 1min ; 1 x 5min ; 1 x 15min; 1 x 45min and 1.5h.

Also …

Have you watched Celebrity Painting Challange in BBC 2 ? I watched the first episode. Good to see the tips that experts give about painting the human figure. Here the link.

Here some examples for you to get insprired.

Jacques-Louis_David-La_Mort_de_Maratmale-nude-painting-nude-paintingsmichelangelo-buonarrotiBacon - self-portrait

Hope you are all well and happy





after running a private life drawing class for a programme for ITV, I’ve decided to model for our session this Wednesday.


You all know I am very picky and sometimes hard with models. I see models doing the same poses again and again. Models who, perhaps, are not aware on how the human body has been represented by artist over history.


I’ve decided to model and portray those styles that I like most, from the Classical era to the most contemporany. Expect extremely delicate poses along with the more complex and depth.


This Wednesday 3rd of April
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Studio Bee
M1 1BE

B E G I N N E R S . & . M O D E L S . W E L C O M E

Materials, Wine & Cheese provided

£10 / £8 students and concessions. Models free!

Hope to see you there


PS: See below some artwork I’m inpired from




N E X T . W E E K : D R A W I N G . T H E . P R E G N A N T . F I G U R E

Hello everyone!

Next week:

two dates in which we’ll have the opportunity to draw/paint Rachel, who’s pregnant of her first child and in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

T U E S D A Y . 1 9 t h . M A R C H
7.30pm – 9.30pm
£10 / £8
Materials, cheese and wine – all included
Booking not necessary – just turn up and pay on arrival

S U N D A Y . 2 4 t h . M A R C H
11am – 2pm
Materials provided but feel free to bring your favourites.
Please, book in advance via PayPal:

How I’ve met Rachel? Well, I stopped her on the street because she was carrying a cello and I invited her to play in our DRAWING MUSIC sessions. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make those dates but hey ho! she told me she was pregnant … There we go!

Any other question, do not hesitate to contact me.

Otherwise see you there!


Some work below for inspiration

D R A W I N G . F L A M E N C O

We have the opportunity to draw a flamenco dancer this Tuesday 19th of Feb at Studio Bee. She will be dancing to flamenco music very short routines for us to capture the rhythm and she will also pose still for the long poses. This is a good excersise to learn how to synthesise the human figure or portray the complexity of movement with numerous lines and expand our pallet of drawing skills.

The dancer is Sarah Chambers who’s studied with the best flamenco artists in Spain and runs her flamnco school here in Manchester called Espiritu flamenco:


B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E

Materials are provided: paper, boards, pencils, rubbers and sharpeners, but feel free to bring your own inks, pastels, water colours or any other materials you like to work with for such special and colourful event.

During the break wine and light refreshments are available and there’s a chance to see other artists work, have a drink and a conversation. The sessions are untutored but follow a peer to peer learning style.

£10 or £8 students and concessions. Please pay on arrival.

Studio Bee
top floor above the The Peer Bar
14-16 Farday Street
Northern Quarter
M1 1BE
The entrance is in the tiny back alleyway.

Hope to see you there

Life Drawing+




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Flamenco charcoal

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Hello, it’s Àgata

our next Sunday for us to enjoy long poses will be the 24th of February.

Please, let me know if you are coming, so I write your name down, or just book in advance via PayPal:

I’m planning to run one every last Sunday if people is interested.
N O W …


D R A W I N G . B A L L E T

For those who would like to capture a ballerina dancing short routines and also posing still for us for the 15 and 20min poses this Tuesday at Studio Bee… read this.


A L S O …

W E D N E S D A Y S . L I F E . D R A W I N G
After the success of the Tuesday’s and Thursday’s sessions we’re starting another one on Wednesdays. You’ll see me and Riff running these alternatively. Same format but we’ll start at 6.30pm . B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E . Materials provided, wine and tapas . £10 or £8 students and concessions – all included.
Hope you like the news
Àgata Alcañiz
Life Drawing+

follow us on meet up:


W H O A . W H O A . W H O A !!!


T h e r e . w e . g o !!!

Next week we start our D R A W I N G . M U S I C series til the end of the month.

What’s all about?

I’ve invited musicians and dancers to perform live at Studio Bee for us to capture their rhythms, colours and music. It’s a way to expand our approach to drawing and go with the rhythm’s tempo.

D O N ‘ T . P A N I C !

Dancers will dance small routins of 5 to 3 figures but will pose still for the 15 and 20min poses.

Here the programme:

D R A W I N G . B A L L E T
with Suzie Mitchell
Tuesday 12th Feb

D R A W I N G . F L A M E N C O
with Sarah Chambers
Tuesday 19th Feb

D R A W I N G . D O U B L E . B A S S . & . F L U T E
with Heather Elisabeth Bird
Tuesday 26th Feb

Hope you like the idea, come with a open mind, happy to experiment and get a new drawing technique in your palette.

Basic materials provided but feel free to bring inks, watercolours … think of Degas use of pastels for depicting ballet dancers’ movement or Toulouse Lautrec to capture the fast movement of can can dancers in the Moline Rouge.

B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E

Materials, wine and tapas provided.

£10 or £8 students an concessions.

Studio Bee
14 -16 Faraday St
top floor above The Peer Hat
M1 1BE

See you there

Life Drawing+



T H I S . Y E A R . W I L L . B E . T H E . Y E A R !

Expect the unexpected and getting involved.

Apart from our regular life drawing sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.30pm-9.30om at Studio Bee, this year we’ll have a:

  1. Group Exhibition in October for all of our attendants
  2. Human Anatomy Life Drawing Course run by Master Rifat Ahamar aka Riff one Sunday a month. Contact him at
  3. Long Poses Sunday Drawing : a dedicated Sunday to spread out our drawing’s and painting’s materials and enjoy model’s long poses. Last Sunday of the month.
  4. DRAWING EXPRESS : 1 hour of 1min to 5min of extreme poses for animators, illustrators, character designers, 3D and comic artists for learning to capture the human figure from any angle. To start in February every Wednesdays 6.30pm.
  5. Life Drawing Master Classes : professional artist’s led workshops who can teach us different techniques and materials.

and mouch more …

A reminder that our first Long Poses Life Drawing is this Sunday 27th of January 11am – 2pm.

The session aims to:

S T A R T – 11am

2 x 5 min poses
1 x 15 min pose
1 x 45 min pose

T E A . B R E A K – 12.15pm – 12.30pm

1 x 1.5h pose

E N D – 2pm

There will be some basic materials, tea and busicuits but attendants are welcome to bring their own favourite materials and lunch. There is a microwave in the kitchen and a kettle we can use.

The cost is £15 – all included

You can pay on the day or via Pay Pal using this link:


Hope you are as excited as I am

Àgata Alcañiz
Life Drawing+