D R A W I N G . A N O T H E R . C O N C E R T – a bassoon player

There we go again!

Be ready to listen the sounds of a bassoon, played by Linton Wesley Stephens, and capture the music.

Linton studied at the Northern Royal College of Music and he’s offered to play and pose for us. He’ll come with two costumes, one for the first part of the session and other for the last part after the break.

This live concert and drawing session is for the same price £10/£8 including materials, wine and tapas.

B E G I N N E R S . W E L C O M E

Tuesday 15th of May
at Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday Alleyway
M1 1BE


Linton is the player in the middle of this photograph.

Below some work made at the last session in which we draw fingerstyle guitarrist Alastair MacDonnald who was superb!



D R A W I N G . M U S I C

This month of May we are running at Life Drawing+ our special sessions DRAWING MUSIC as an incredible exercise for drawing movement from dancers and musicians live performances as well as drawing still poses.

Here the programme!

C O N T E M P O R A R Y . D A N C E – tuesday 1st May – next week! with Betts Corrigan
F I N G E R S T Y L E . G U I T A R – tuesday 8th May
with Alastair Macdonald
B E L L Y . D A N C E – tuesday 22nd May
with @bellydancemaya
C L A R I N E T – – tuesday 29th May
with Sergio Castelló López – Principal Clarinet of the Hallé Orchestra – TBC

Beginners welcome – material provided – as well as wine & tapas in the break £10/£8 all included

Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday Alleyway
M1 1BE
Looking forward to this!




In April we’ll be exploring big bodies, fascinating big volumes, heavy and strong. A very different story than drawing or painting slim people. Think of artist Jenny Saville work pictured below.

We’ll have quick poses ranging 5 to 20 minutes every Tuesday but the last one, on the 25th, in which we’ll have 5min – 15min – 30min and after the break a 45min pose. So bring your charcoal or paints.

Studio Bee
14-16 Farday Street
top floor of red brick mill in the tiny alleyway called Stevenson Place
between the HULA bar in Stevenson Square and Faraday Street.
Northern Quarter
M1 1BE


Materials, wine and light refreshments provided.

Cost £10 (£8 students or concessions) – please, pay on arrival

All welcome from beginners to professional artists so come along and bring a friend too!

See you there



D R A W I N G . F A S H I O N

Drawing fashion is back for the whole month of March with the most spectacular of the models. Check them out!




Tuesday 7th March
Emilia Gaza


Tuesday 14th
Joe Spencer


Tuesday 21st
Mary Alexandra


Tuesday 28th of March – TBC

Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday Street
M1 1BE

Beginners welcome – materials, wine and light refreshments provided.

Cost £10/£8


Time to draw musicians and dancers while they are performing live -drawing movement and the invisible. Challenging? No. Fun! Come and draw with an empty mind and let yourself to be carried out by the sounds, rythmes and feelings in the atmosphere.

Tuesday 18th – Saxo Player –  Seán Fitton – Manchester Street Busker
Tuesday 25th Oct – Ballarina Dancer – Georgina Cartwright – KNT Dance Works School

An exhibition of character design, illustration and photography – by Oren Haskins

This is an exhibition by one of our regulars, Ludwig Haskins’ son. The exhibition is at the Northern Quarter’s TAKK House and we’ll find character design, illustration and photography prints by Oren Haskins.

It’s open until November 17th.

Let’s go!

We can follow Oren on instagram: www.instagram.com/orenhaskins


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Incredible session drawing bands and the amazing atmosphere at Sounds From The Other City IN Salford. Give the opportunity to people to draw and people will just goes for it! And what a collection. More than 20 artworks!