Last Sunday Life Drawing… for the summer!

On the 22nd of July will be the last life drawing Sunday session of the summer so, please, come and join us for this 5 hours full of long poses, a Spanish meal served with cold Sangria, and music from all the regions of the Iberian Peninsula and South America. And of course… I am looking for an Iberian model!

This is the plan for the day:

  • 11am – 2 x 1 min poses
  • 11.05am – 1 x 5 min pose
  • 11.10am – 1 x 10 min pose
  • 11.20pm- 1 x 30 min
  • 11.50pm – TEA BREAK
  • 12pm – 1 x 1 hour
  • 1pm – LUNCH
  • 2PM –  2h pose (with a 10 min tea break at 3pm
  • 4pm – end

We haven’t decided about the meal but perhaps we are in between paella or fideuá. I wouldn’t mind a Gazpacho as well! But I love fideuá. It is like a paella but with smaller size macarroni pasta… and can be served with allioli if one is up for it! Of course there will be a Vegan option and all will be served with Mediterranean salad, Catalan bread and cold Sangria.

If you want to come, please book before next Friday 20th of July. You can pay in cash next Tuesday or via PayPal in the following link:

Full price £30


Students and concessions £25 (includes lunch)

Lunch not included £25

Looking forward to it !

Àgata and Richard (the master chef)






She’s a supermodel and she looks so good. She’s tall and fit and has incredible black skin. She’s walked in famous fashion cat walk and appeared in VOGUE magazine. She’ll be this Tuesday 10th of July is Studio Bee. It’d be the first time she’d model for a life drawing class. She’s a bit nervous but will be alright.

La la la ra la la
La la la ra la la
la la

La la la ra la la
La la la ra la la
la la

Next model we’ll also be a fashion model. He’s also quite fit and muscular and is from Pakistan. He’d be on Tueday 17th and be on 7.30

La la la ra la la
La la la ra la la
la la

La la la ra la la
La la la ra la la
la la


£10/£8 mterials, wine and tapas included


M U L L E D . W I N E . & . M I N C E . P I E S . F O R . T H E . L A S T . S E S S I O N . O F . T H E . Y E A R

Come and celebrate, this Tuesday 12th of December, the last life drawing session of 2017. We’ll be drawing a delicate female figure, Michelle Marsh, while having mulled wine and mince pies.

What a year this has been.. we’ve had it all! We’ve drawn the young, the old, the XXL, the black, the queer, pregnant couples, the first violinist of the Hallé Orchestra… We’ve also extended our Tuesday sessions to Sundays to accommodate long poses and have lunch together and we’ve been treated to Spanish paella, French cuisine, wine, cava and afternoon tea…

If anyone has any other ideas of what we could do in the New Year just let us know. You never know what can be done!

Here is a screenshot of some of some of the best moments and drawings of 2017.

January >>>

new people with new styles start coming to our sessions. F A N T A S T I C !

Jose Luís

February >>>

We’ve witnessed the birth of new artists’ careers. Below the drawing of illustrator Ian Morris who then in June was graduated at University with a first!


Our regulars as strong as ever. Here a drawing by Wayne Smith who started coming to Life Drawing+ since we started in 2009 (at least)



Our Drawing Fashion brought us the most outreageous queer in Manchester right now, Jo Spencer, aka @midnightgrowlr.


Drawing by the most expressionist and wild of all the artists that come to our group, Alison Scott. Check her great prints and paints in her new website:


Another drawing by illustrator Ian Morris, check his new website too!

Ian Morris2


One of our favourites sessions – the XXL bodies. So well attended too! Here a drawing by an attendant who came just a couple of times.



Young and Beautiful as our black model Aden. Drawing by one of our regulars and artist Stanley Harland.



Another of our favourites, Old and Beatuful too. Here Malinka, 70 years old and still rock and roll! Well no, she is into Trance music. Drawing by Alison.

Alison Scott2

Our eldest model, Geoff, who might be in his 80’s though he definitely denies it!


Another Sunday another Spanish paella! What a session: a beutiful model, amazing summer light, paella and wine and just a fab time!



Our cook Richard serving the prawns and vegan paella. IMG_1867IMG_1899IMG_1895IMG_1913

Some collage work as a result by our very much loved Kim Tunstall.


Our classic Drawing models with their bicycles to celebrate the World Naked Bike Ride. Below a representation of Becca in her bike wearing pink long gloves and spectacular hat.


Drawing by Ian Morris.

Ian Morris


People in our group are also very into Portraits. Here an example by someone who I can’t identify and someone who finished the portrait at home out of a photograph of one of our models and he doesn’t want me to give away his name 🙂



Some just love doing sketches and not only portray the model but the atmosphere of the session. This is by artist and photographer Len Grant who is sketching lots of places and the peoples of Manchester. Worth checking him out

Len Grant


No long ago an artist started coming to our sessions. He’s the most prolific artist I ever come across. He can do 30 drawings in 5min. Really interesting to seeing and talking to him about his very different approaches to drawing. An artist many in Manchester might get one of his drawings of them in public spaces in the city, Akym. Check his outreageous art in his website:


Watch a little video of him drawing while playing his trumpet here:


New people arrive with more styles. Here Jim Skinny Vanilla.

Jim Skinny Vanilla4Jim Skinny VanillaJim Skinny Vanilla2Jim Skinny Vanilla3

Another incredible unique style by artist Ian McKay

Ian McKay


Paintings, curry for lunch and an Indian descendant model for our Sunday Long Poses session. Oil on canvas by Rob Lenihan, child portrait artist and illustrator. Check his work on

Rob Leniham

Halloween Special


Drawing Music with Michelle Marsh, first violinist at the Hallé Orchestra, modelling for us playing and posing with her violin. A M A Z I N G ! Attendants came as far as from Stoke-on-trent, Chester and Preston.



Xmas Special with French cusine, wine and cava for lunch and guess what? A married couple, she 5 month pregnant.


Exhibitions of the year

Last but not least. Here one of the best solo exhibitions by one of our regulars, Henry Marting, and his classic use of watercolour to capture the outrageous characters of this year Manchester’s Pride Parade. More examples in his website:

Henry Martin

I wish you all a peaceful and wonderful new year


Oh! One of my drawings below 🙂 from the Drawing Fashion session.











N O T . O N . H O L I D A Y . ?

Not all is bad. We are lucky to have a couple posing together for us at Studio Bee this Tuesday + new materials provided by the art shop H. Blyths & Co you can try and all for the same price!

Come down!

Materials provided  + wine & light refreshments

Cost £10 (£8 students and concessions)

Tuesday 18th 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Studio Bee
14-16 Farday Street
M1 1BE

Couple -posing