L A S T . M A Y . W E E K

Well, well, well … who ever thought that our LIVE & online life drawing sessions would have been a success … now people joining from all over the world !

T H I S . T U E S D A Y > D R A W I N G . E G O N . S C H I L E

Our model will be Adrian, a most sought after model in London’s art scene for his body resemblance to Egon Schiele’s self-portraits.

Expect daring and bold poses. A great opportunity to experiment with figurative distorsions such elongation and deformities … we’ll elude the sexual openness of some of Schiele’s portraits … for now 😀 hahhaha!

If interested, book by transferring £6 via PayPal to lifedrawing.plus@gmail.com or this link :

S U N D A Y *** L O N G . P O S E S

As every last Sunday of the month from 2.30-5.30pm, we’ll work on longer poses, from 2min, 5, 15, 45 and 1h.

Our model will be Leah Erenberg, pictured below and she’ll be posing for us from Canada and with natural light.

The cost of these session is £10 or £8 for students and concessions paid via PayPal to lifedrawing.plus@gmail.com or this link :

I hope you like the proposals and to see you next week

Àgata Alcañiz
Life Drawing+
web: www.lifedrawingplus.wordpress.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/lifedrawingplus
instagram: www.instagram.com/life_drawing_plus

Life Drawing for public and private groups 

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