May is the month I was born and I have few presents for you.

1 . D R A W I N G . B A L L E T

There are 15 FREE tickets to sketch the rehersals of the Scottish Dance Theatre at the Lowry on Tuesday 4th of June at 12.30pm . If you are interested, just email Lottie at LBarker@scottishdancetheatre.com. First comes, first serves applies.



2 . A R E . Y O U . I N T E R E S T E D . I N . P R I N T M A K I N G ?

Our very good friends and artists from REAVEAL Printamakers have put a group exhibition on at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

They’ll be talking about the The ART of PRINTING for those who want to know more.

Should we go?

Launch – 15th May 2019 5pm – 7.30pm

Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Ends – 10th September 2019
REVEAL Printmakers are a collective of ten contemporary artists who work out of Hot Bed Press in Salford and the exhibition depicts the rapid transformation of Salford today by transforming few ideas into prints.

L E T ‘ S . G O !


3 . 1 4 T H . M A Y . 1 9 7 4

That’s when I was born! Join me next Tuesday 14th of May at Studio Bee for a life drawing with cake, cava AND new materials to experiment. I have a pack of a very nice grey paper and I’ll be getting some white pencils … If you have white pencils, this is the time to bring them and use them.

white pencils 2


Let’s celebrate !



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