Sunday’s Life Drawing Long Poses

Hi everyone

just a heads up!  On Sunday 28th April we’ll be offering a day of long poses for those who want to spend more time studying the lights and shadows and the colour in the human figure or just exploring different styles on how to represent it.

Model tbc but please, feel free in letting me know if you have any preferences.

Let me know, as well, if you intend to come or just book now in advance via Pay Pal:

We’ll have a break in May but come back in June, so hope you can make it this April.

Sunday 28th April
Studio Bee

Poses will be 1 x 1min ; 1 x 5min ; 1 x 15min; 1 x 45min and 1.5h.

Also …

Have you watched Celebrity Painting Challange in BBC 2 ? I watched the first episode. Good to see the tips that experts give about painting the human figure. Here the link.

Here some examples for you to get insprired.

Jacques-Louis_David-La_Mort_de_Maratmale-nude-painting-nude-paintingsmichelangelo-buonarrotiBacon - self-portrait

Hope you are all well and happy


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