Strageways Prison: Painting Inside

Henry Martin, is one of the first artists who came to our Life Drawing+ sessions. That was back in 2012 when we were based in Islington Mill artist’s studios in Salford. Lots have happened since then but what I never expected is to see so many attendants developing as artists. Henry Martin is one of them and is on the rise.

He’s based in Manchester and he’s better know for his colourful watercolours of Manchester Parade’s gay people. They are just fantastic and worth having a look.

But now… But now Henry surprises us with very different material of work. I knew that he was painting the urban scape of Manchester… but what I didn’t know is that he’s had been given permission to paint inside the walls of the Strangeways prison. That’s such an institution in Manchester known by everyone yet no one has seen inside apart from its inhabitants and personnel.

W H A T . A G R E A T . O P P O R T U N I T Y !

I can’t wait to see Henry’s new watercolours sketches and oil paintings and see the inside of this emblematic building I’ve always looked from the outside. The exhibition is for two weeks at the new Art shop in Oldham Street CASS ART.

Who’s coming with me?


Henry Martin exhibition

You can follow Henry’s art on his:

instagram: @henrymartinpaintings

Let us know what you think of his art in this blog or in our social media

Àgata Alcañiz
facebook: @lifedrawingplus
instagram: @life_drawing_plus

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