A L M O S T . F O R G O T !

Don’t worry, it’s not about the GDPR thing. It’s just to say that next Sunday 3rd of June we’re having our monthly life painting and drawing session 11am-2pm at Studio Bee: a spacious, luminous and relaxed atmosphere to draw or paint the naked human figure. The model will be our handsome Seán.

We’ll be serving proper English afternoon tea at 12pm, with sandwiches, tea, scones and cream with vegan option. That’s right, proper vegan whipped cream and scones. If you prefer, just bring your own lunch. That’s absolutely fine!

Bring your own materials though there will be some basics like paper and charcoals.

Cost £15 – all included
which we ask to pay in advance to book the studio and so we know how many would like lunch.

Please, pay via PayPal or next Tuesday session in cash.


Thank you!

Looking forward to bring my brushes and paints this time!



here a photo of Seán – who’s just graduated as an actor, a profession he’s done for many years!



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