D R A W I N G . A . L I V E . C O N C E R T

We are so priveledge to have tonight a fingerstyle guitarrist playing for us live at Life Drawing+ in Studio Bee. His name is Alastair Macdonald and he’ll be playing in a suit for the first part and with jeans and shirt in the second half, standing up or sitting down.

B E G I N E R S . W E L C O M E

Materials, wine & tapas included and all for the same price…£10/£8

This is unique and would be so special.

Alastair has played music of one kind or another for as long as he can remember but it was after attending a workshop with fingerstyle guitar legends Andy McKee and Don Ross that things started getting serious (read: obsessive). After learning various fingerstyle techniques and grooves from Don, Andy and later Thomas Leeb, Jon Gomm, Mike Dawes, Petteri Sariola and Clive Carroll, Al has been seen performing around Manchester as part of the ‘Out of the box’ trio and as a solo performer


7.30pm – 9.30pm

Studio Bee
14-16 Faraday Alleyway
M1 1BE


2 thoughts on “D R A W I N G . A . L I V E . C O N C E R T

    • I’ve been running these DRAWING MUSIC sessions for years. It’s a treat for the regulars as it breaks with the ongoing study of the nude human figure.

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