S C A P E . T H E . C O L D . T H I S >>>>>>> S U N D A Y

S C A P E . T H E . C O L D . T H I S . S U N D A Y
with Life Drawing+ Lancashire Hotpot (with vegan option)
11am – 4pm at Studio Bee

Cost £30 or £25 for students and concessions
and this includes basic materials, lunch and wine!

The model is a young man of ethiopian ethnic background, tall, stylist, fit and beautiful. We’ll start with very short poses to warm up to rapidly move to long poses of 30, 40 minutes long and a 2 hours and a half pose.

E V E R Y B O D Y . I S . W E L C O M E

These Sunday sessions are for those who want to relax and have a very nice day out while enjoying longer poses to study the human figure; for people who prefers working in a large scale format and more into detail whereas using pencil, charcoal or paints or just play and experiment with colours and materials. There are tables for attendants to spread their materials on and three table easels for those who haven’t their own and would like using one.

If interested, please, book in advance before Saturday and let us know if you want the vegan or non vegan Lancashire hotpot. Both will be served with pickled red cabbage but the vegan dish will be made of pearl barley, parsnip, carrot and potato and the non vegan will be cooked with lamb, kidneys and also carrots and potatoes. You are welcome to bring your own food. In that case, the price is £25.

Please, pay via PayPal (as friend so we don’t pay commission) or via Life Drawing+ account 60419346 sort code 20-11-39.

Full cost £30

Students and concessions £25

No lunch £25

We look forward to enjoy this day with you

Àgata and Richard (the chef)

LD+Lancashire Hot Pot_March


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