R E V E A L . P R I N T . M A K E R S . E X H I B I T I O N

Alison Scott and Jayne Pellington are two Manchester based artists that have always come to the Life Drawing+ sessions from the beginnings of the beginnings, when LD+, in short, started IN Islington Mill. They did a printing course at Manchester’s famous Hot Bed Press and from their work being unnoticeable, they work immediately stood out.

They teamed up, just few years ago, with a group of as talented women artists whom they met in this press. Since then they have been producing amazing work, have made entertaining exhibitions and have sold work at affordable prices under the name of Reveal – printmakers.

The next exhibition is on Sunday 4th of March at The Old Parsonage Gallery in Didsbury from 1 until 3pm. Everybody is welcome to come and enjoy the work presented while having a glass or two of wine.

Don’t hesitate and come. The exhibition promise a good variety of printing techniques, styles, sizes, themes, the artists’ enthusiasm and the wine!

The Old Parsonage
Stenner Lane
M20 2 RQ





5 thoughts on “R E V E A L . P R I N T . M A K E R S . E X H I B I T I O N

      • Nice to hear from you Lorna! So glad that you’ll be going to this local exhibition. You’ll remember Jayne and Alison from our life drawing sessions. They’ve gone as full time artists now! Pity I can’t go to the opening as I am running our Sunday long poses session at studio bee… I know you have a baby child now, so happy for you!!! What a special moment for you and your partner. Enjoy! Lots of love and warm hugs _àgata

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